How has it already been almost 2 years since I was on here!? I will tell you how….. I fell in Love guys. Yap! Your girl caved in and got those biped creatures that aren’t very furry but make for good cuddle buddies and then I just sort of stopped writing because I am terrible… Continue reading 2017 IS THE YEAR!


A Wildling’s Walk in the Park

On Easter Saturday, I took a drive down to my grandma’s place which just happens to be along the perimeteres of the National park and met the nicest KWS ranger making his rounds who offered to be my personal tour guide around the park if I ever so wish to visit it. Thinking he was… Continue reading A Wildling’s Walk in the Park


I Needed to Write this…..

“If you pray for growth and change, you will be tested. Be Ready.” The past 3 weeks have been emotionally and physically exhausting for me. Everything I wanted seemed to be within reach and then somehow it all slipped right through my fingers. At least that’s how I felt at the time but with the… Continue reading I Needed to Write this…..