I Needed to Write this…..


“If you pray for growth and change, you will be tested. Be Ready.”
The past 3 weeks have been emotionally and physically exhausting for me.
Everything I wanted seemed to be within reach and then somehow it all slipped right through my fingers.
At least that’s how I felt at the time but with the benefit of hindsight,
I now realize that isn’t what was happening and a quote I read at the beginning of the year was a hint at what I was to experience this past 2 months.

“Nothing good comes easy.”
We retweet, reblog and use these wonderful quotes we read every day as captions when we seem to relate to them but words are just words until they have an actual meaning in your life. We pray for the things we desire and want in our life but rarely do we remember to pray for the Strength, Patience and inner peace we would require to survive the test and hurdles that come with our blessings.

If you want it, if you really really want it…. If you were meant to have it, you will reach deep inside of you and find the strength to push through the tears, the heartache, the confusion, the jealousy that comes with comparison to others, the mind games you will play with yourself, the self-doubt that will strip you naked and expose parts of your soul you didn’t know you hadn’t been paying attention to, the fear that comes with CHANGE …. you will do whatever it takes to be a better you, a stronger you, a happier you. You will learn what it means to ‘Do you’ because no matter how much our families love us, or our friends wish us well or our love interests want to make everything in our lives better, we as individuals are the only one who can actually get the ball rolling for ourselves.
Unapologetically, love yourself first.
Dedicate your energy to your journey and your progress.
Anyone or anything that’s meant to be part of your journey will join you on your way.
So get going, Do you boo 🙂

“Thoughts become things. What you think, You call into existence.”
I have always believed in this and even successfully implemented it in my life before but I seem to have suffered from a bit of amnesia during the first quarter of this year and forgotten how to stay mentally focused on my dreams and my goals amidst life’s random storms. Some of my greatest fears have already come to pass because I kept worrying about them and in doing so I gave them my energy. The energy I should have been using to dream more and do more. Everything that comes into our life,
we called into being. Whether consciously or subconsciously. So take a minute and clear your mind.
Take a week, a month….actually take all the time you feel you need to de-clutter your space, your life, your mind and then consciously and purposely start calling the things you want into your life and actively work towards keeping those things and that good clean energy with you wherever you go.
Positivity and Optimism will see you through E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!

“Count your blessings.”
…..Name them one by one.
I read somewhere that jealousy/ envy is counting other people’s blessings instead of our own. This is so true.
When you focus on your blessings and the good things going on in your life, you will be so busy being grateful for your
‘full glass’ that you will not feel the need to compare the contents of your glass and that of others’.
Someone else’s win is not your loss. We can all win at life.
Count them. Write them down. Start with the fact that you woke up today.
Every day above ground is a blessing regardless of the current circumstances in your life.
Make hay while the sun shines and dance in the rain.
You deserve every great thing you desire and all you have to do is believe that and go get it.

I didn’t even know it but I needed to write this post. As I type this I am already feeling extremely grateful for this cathartic experience. My hope is that as you read this, you can relate and something inside you says,
“It’s all going to be ok, I will thrive through it all.”

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all know I appreciate every single on of you for following my journey and sharing your own with me as well.
Spread the love, share the good vibes.
Let’s make each other’s journey easier and happier by being kinder to one another.

Happiness, Growth, and Prosperity to you all.

Lots of Love,

2 thoughts on “I Needed to Write this…..

  1. I just came accros and reading your post, I realised that your words are my thoughts. In this very moment all I want seems within reach and I am so scared to loose it since I have concentrated all my energy in it! Thanks for your thoughts and keep on going. Sonia


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