How has it already been almost 2 years since I was on here!?
I will tell you how….. I fell in Love guys.
Yap! Your girl caved in and got those biped creatures that aren’t very furry but make for good cuddle buddies and then I just sort of stopped writing because I am terrible at wearing my heart anywhere else but on my sleeve and I thought details about my love life were maybe too personal to share on here!   <Phew! That was a long sentence!>

I have said it before, I consider this little corner of the internet my happy place and I didn’t want to risk turning it into a sob fest after my breakup. The last post I shared was actually me trying to deal with the fact that a brief and temporarily beautiful chapter was coming to an end and the silence that followed by me not posting for the next 21 months, until now, was my way of taking a break to heal and get my head and heart back in the right space by just focusing on me. It’s always important to take time off alone after being part of a pair for any amount of time to center yourself so that you can move forward whole and healed from any past heartbreaks. Sometimes the reason an otherwise wonderful relationship may not work out is because one of the partners (or both) go into it with skeletons from their previous relationships. So if you’re just out of a relationship or not fully healed from your last one, spare yourself and the next wonderful person you meet the burden of trying to piece your heart back together.
That is the kind of work one does alone for themselves first.

Writing is my first love and I was not about to return to my beloved when I was still feeling hurt and confused. That wouldn’t have been very nice and would have reflected in the content I shared.
To be honest, I actually didn’t even think you guys would notice my absence since I’m pretty sure that like me, you follow a ton of blogs and others a lot more popular than this little blog. But some of you actually reached out and sent me emails to say hello and check up on me or just to ask why I wasn’t posting anymore and I was pleasantly surprised.
You guys, strangers on the internet, took time out of your day to say some kind words to me! – A person you have never met and only know through random posts on the internet. Wow!
I can’t tell you what that meant to me but Thank you and if I have never said this before, I am really grateful that you choose to be a part of my little journey and I’m sorry for being so vague and passive in the past. I am generally a very introverted and shy person and I don’t share intimate details about my life even to some of the people who know me in real life but I want to open up a lot more because it is that kind of vulnerability that has led to some of the most beautiful connections I have made in my life.
I have been greatly inspired by people who have shared their lives with me online and offline and if the ups and downs of my life could inspire others as well, life will be that much sweeter.

Besides my relationship status, a lot has changed since the last time I blogged and I will be sharing all that with you guys in the days to come.
Posting more consistently is one of my intentions this year and I do not plan on breaking any of the promises I have made to myself in 2017.
This is the year I design the life I love and document the shit out of it 🙂

Anyway, I really hope you guys are well and living the life you love or at the very least working intentionally towards it.
Again, I am very grateful for each and every one of you and I look forward to continuing building a wonderful relationship with you in the months to come.
My email is always open <>  so feel free to drop an email or leave a comment here on the blog and say hi or ask any questions.

It feels good to be writing again and I will see you guys soon.


7 thoughts on “2017 IS THE YEAR!

  1. I’m reading your blog and I can’t help but having this song playing on my mind – “Everyone falls in love sometimes”. I know that breakups are not easy and I am glad that you had the courage to speak about it and even get over it. Looking forward to hearing more from you this year.

    Live And Die In Afrika


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