A Wildling’s Walk in the Park

On Easter Saturday, I took a drive down to my grandma’s place which just happens to be along the perimeteres of the National park and met the nicest KWS ranger making his rounds who offered to be my personal tour guide around the park if I ever so wish to visit it.
Thinking he was just being kind, I didn’t give it much thought until my uncle, who was the one who introduced me to him,
called me later to tell me that the young man had called to say that he would be willing to do so as soon as the next day.
Pleasantly surprised, I took him up on his offer and joined him and a few other people and rangers around the park.

As much as I was looking forwad to the experience, I was also a bit nervous.
I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to appropriately capture and share mother nature’s magnificence through my lens seeing as I didn’t even have my lens with me to start with.
You see, last week I realised that I have only ever used one camera; my trusty Nikon and I decided that it was necessary for me to teach myself how to use another camera so thanks to a very kind man who let me borrow his camera, I started shooting with his Canon.

However, had I known I would be on a safari this same weekend,
I would have probably stuck to my camera because I know it better but like most comfort zones,
great things happen when you dare to leave your safe area and I’m glad I did.
I still got to have my cake and eat it however, since one of the rangers had a Nikon similar to mine and let me shoot with it so it was a win win day for me.
You should have seen how happy I was equipped with 2 awesome cameras!
I felt like I was on assignment for NatGeo.

Our journey started at exactly 5.00am and at first, we drove around not really seeing anything and I honestly thought I might end up going back home having only seen a few birds in the dark. But sometime after dawn, we came across a few young Maasai men who were kind enough to stop and tell us about the Lion paw prints they saw earlier and helped direct us in the Lion’s path. I was very impressed at how much they could tell about these wild animals just from looking at their imprints on the ground! Trust me! that, my friends, is a life skill!

Not long after meeting them, we came across Simba’s mother strolling through the long grass
and I nearly died out of excitement.

Her Majesty! The Queen.


Quietly and majestically, she went about her day paying us no mind.
I wanted her to look my way but she was to busy looking ahead because that’s what the queen of the savannah does, she looks ahead as you look on by.
I tried to imagine what she was thinking or where she was going and
my hands were literally shaking out of excitement and I almost didn’t get this shot of her, or any shot for that matter. She was everything I had imagined a lioness would be like and more.

After we saw her, it’s was like had received our official invitation into the pride lands because one by one throughout the rest of the day, some of God’s most magnificent creatures blessed us with their presence and welcomed us into their territory.

look at those horns !! Way to stand out of the crowd.


For some reason I saw him and thought, what a Taurus! 🙂





The Mighty Elephant , my favourite creature.








I tried to take out my phone to instagram all this in real time but mother nature didn’t care about my network signal or my instagram needs so I obeyed her wishes and watched in awe as she reminded me yet again what life’s bigger picture truly looked like outside our desk jobs, traffic jams, bank balances, school work and Instagram filters.

Honestly If you need a detox from all the digital and city noise or just a little dose of true beauty in your life,
I highly reccomend taking a little trip to the closest national park. If you live in Kenya, you are spoilt for choice and you should really take advantage of the blessing that mother nature has blessed our country with.|
I was very humbled by this experience and I’m now going to make it my mission to visit all the parks in the country within a year.
Something about the vast lands, the different beautiful animals and the heart stopping sunsets felt like home for me and I want to experience that over and over and over and over again.
If home truly is where the heart is, my heart beats somewhere out there in the wild.

Love, light and Adventure to you all.

P.s Today is my baby brother Malik’s 4th birthday and I’ve spent my morning going through all his pictures and reliving the various ways he has made my life so much brighter. If you’re thinking of having children and are in doubt, please just do. Children are God’s greatest gift to us and they shine a light on even the darkest days.
I thank my parents everyday for gifting me with the blessing of my siblings and I’m at a point in my life where I am truly excited about starting a family of my own with someone who shares in my sentiments

….now to just find who that is Lol 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Wildling’s Walk in the Park

  1. Love the pictures!!so beautiful!
    What nikon model do you use?I have the d3100 and let’s just it’s a learning curve for me on using it…looks like you are a pro!!!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Tess! 🙂
      I’m still a learner though. I have a Nikon D5100 and I am trying to learn as much as I can everyday and make the most out of it.
      How long have you had your D3100?


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